Collage works

All collage works are created by hand with traditional cut and glue method. No copy machines, printers, scanners, photoshop, AI or the like are used. Each work is unique.

Tarot of the Apocalypse - series

Tarot of the Apocalypse-series is based on the long tradition of the tarot cards. The series is a representation of the major arcana of the tarot, with alterations created by the artist. Tarot of the Apocalypse is befitting to the end times; environmental collapse, disasters, injustice, sickness and death. It speaks with the tongue of nature and that of the outsider.

All works in the series are sized 32 x 17 cm. The series is ongoing since 2021.

Other collage works

Copyright, Veera Kaamos Pitkänen. The use of my images, text or any aspect of my creative work is forbidden. This includes AI.
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